PCO announces immediate departure of Executive Director Leslie Zuck

(September 5, 2018–Spring Mills, PA) The Pennsylvania Certified Organic (“PCO”) Board of Directors announces the departure of Founder and longtime Executive Director, Leslie Zuck. PCO is grateful for Ms. Zuck’s vision, leadership, and tireless service on behalf of PCO. Board President Luke Howard said, “While we are in this transition, the Board has the utmost confidence in our staff and leadership at PCO to continue the professional and exemplary service that we provide to our members.”

The Board has appointed Kyla Smith, Certification Director, and Diana Underwood, Director of Operations, to serve as Interim Co-Executive Directors. Kyla Smith currently serves as Certification Director of PCO. She has worked with PCO since 2003 in a number of different roles. She received her Master’s degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Diana Underwood currently acts as Director of Operations of PCO. She has worked in this capacity since 2012. She obtained her Business Management—Finance degree from North Carolina State. She worked with small businesses in Operations Management for six years prior to joining PCO.

PCO’s mission, to ensure the integrity of organic product and provide education, inspection, and a holistic certification program for producing organic products, and its valuable programs remain unchanged. PCO is financially healthy and sustainable.

The Board values its team—the wonderful PCO staff, and will keep stakeholders informed as it conducts a search for Ms. Zuck’s successor.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Luke Howard, PCO Board President (phone: 410.708.3105, email: lukerichardhoward@gmail.com), or Tina Ellor, PCO Board Secretary (phone: 610.656.7250, email: tephilmyco@aol.com).

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