Organic, Always Non-GMO

Organic, Always Non-GMO

Download these publications on non-GMO use in organic farming and provide them to your customers, place in CSA baskets, or use as handouts at farmers markets.

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Can GMOs be used in organic products?

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GMOs are defined in the organic regulations as substances produced through “a variety of methods used to genetically modify organisms or influence their growth and development by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes, and are not considered compatible with organic production” (7 CFR 205.105 and 205.2).

The use of GMOs is expressly prohibited in the production and processing of organic products. Farmers and food processors must demonstrate through a vigorous yearly audit that they are not using GMOs or letting GMOs come into contact with their products during the production process all the way through processing and distribution. All seeds, seed treatments, inoculants, feedstuffs for livestock, or any other material used in the production and processing of organic products must not contain GMOs.

Given the rigor of organic certification it is clear that since 2002 we have had a comprehensive non-GMO verification system in the USDA’s National Organic Program, and that “certified organic” statements are sufficient to substantiate a claim that products produced according to the organic regulations are non-GMO.

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