Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

Organic Matters

Organic Matters

Organic Matters is the quarterly newsletter of Pennsylvania Certified Organic, a non-profit organization serving growers, processors and handlers of organic products. Issues contain articles on the latest news and research in the organic industry, often highlighting our certified members.

Approximately 1,500 copies of each publication are distributed directly to members and those requesting information about organic agriculture, and made available to the public at conferences, exhibits and educational programs in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Past issues of Organic Matters are available here on our website.

The PCO Advertising Brochure is available for download and viewing here.

Trim size of folded publication is 8.5”x11. Organic Matters is printed on 60# White Offset paper.

The above rates refer to a single-issue ad placement and subscriptions for ad placement in two and four consecutive issues. A 10% discount is granted for the purchase of a 2-issue subscription and a 15% discount is granted for the purchase of the 4-issue subscription. The 10% and 15% discounts are reflected in the pricing charts above. To receive these discounts, the entire package must be paid for with first ad.

Classified Ads

First 30 words $6, $0.25 per word over 30. PCO members receive one free 30-word classified ad per issue. Classified ads are an excellent way to reach people interested in organics in the mid-Atlantic region and a chance for PCO members to network. Contact or call the PCO office at 814-422-0251 if you are interested in placing a classified ad.

Organic Matters 2019 Publication Schedule

*Note: Organic Matters is mailed to members bulk mail, which takes 1 to 3 weeks to be delivered.

PCO Photo Calendar

The PCO Calendar is a full-color, 12-month calendar showcasing PCO-certified growers, processors, and handlers of organic products. Approximately 1,500 copies are distributed directly to our members and made available to the public at conferences, exhibits, and educational programs. Copies are also distributed to those requesting information about organic agriculture in Pennsylvania and adjoining states. Trim size of folded calendar is 11” x 8.75”.  2020 calendar ads are due: October 1, 2019.


Billing, Cancellation and Submission Details: Organic Matters and PCO Calendar


Any cancellation must be received in writing no later than two weeks before the submission deadline. Cancellations received after the deadline may be invoiced for the full amount.


All advertisers will be billed one-week post submission deadline. For billing questions, please contact for Organic Matters, or for our Calendar. You can also call the PCO Office Manager at (814) 422-0251.

Submission Instructions

Electronic versions of ads are preferred (PDF format); these should be mailed to for Organic Matters, or for our Calendar. Feel free to call or e-mail with questions about alternate formats.

When submitting an ad, be sure to include the following:

  • Business name
  • Contact person
  • Full mailing and billing address
  • Phone number
  • Size of ad
  • Organic Matters: Issues(s) the ad is for
  • Calendar: Page placement desired

Publisher’s Policies

All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising for any reason at any time. The advertiser assumes liability for the entire content of advertising printed, and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising there from made against the publisher.

Any reference to “organic” or “organically produced” must be in compliance with the National Organic Program regulations available here.

Rates are subject to changes on notice from publisher and become effective for all advertisers with the stated issue and all issues thereafter. Multiple insertion rates will be honored for the length of the obligation. The publisher is not liable for delay in delivery as a result of an Act of God or any abnormal event that results in an interruption of production or delivery schedules.