Materials List Subscription Service

Materials List Subscription Service

PCO provides our materials list and all add/drop lists to our Certified, Sustainer, Business, and Transition members annually.

In addition to this service, PCO offers contractual agreements to NOP-accredited certification agencies for accepting PCO’s material review decisions. Participating certifiers are able to accept PCO’s review decisions for materials that are listed on the current PCO Approved Materials List.

By entering into this agreement, the ACA is provided with a PCO Approved Materials list. This list includes brand name materials that PCO has reviewed since three years prior to January 1 of the current year. An updated PCO Approved Materials list is published in January of each year. PCO also provides updates to this list at least once a year as new materials are reviewed and approved and existing listed materials are removed.

We also provide the PCO Material Review Policy Manual. The policies within this manual list the criteria used by PCO to review each specific type of material, and they detail what documentation from the manufacturer is required for PCO to perform the review.

An ACA subscriber to our Materials List Recognition service can use the PCO Approved Materials List as an indicator of which materials PCO has reviewed and approved according to the National Organic Program regulations and PCO material review policy, and may accept PCO’s review decision at the ACA’s discretion.

The annual fee for this service is $1 multiplied by the number of operations certified by the ACA as reported to the NOP, or a value of $150 (whichever is higher).

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Materials List subscriber, please contact Jen Berkebile, Materials Program Manager, at