Resources for Recordkeeping

Resources for Recordkeeping


Several business planning and recordkeeping programs and resources are available from a variety of sources–some free and many are available for purchase. Some lend themselves to hand-written records (some producers prefer this type); others are computer-based.

The Rodale Institute’s electronic Organic System Plan tool… The purpose of this tool is to help you assemble the necessary documentation to apply for organic certification through an accredited certifying agent.

You might also browse some of the ideas and programs discussed at Cornell’s Northeast Organic Network:

Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central’s “Member Assembler” integrates online CSA member sign-up, payment processing, and member management tools to create a package that will save CSAs numerous Spring hours, ease the sign-up process for members, and reduce data-entry errors.

Paper Resources

Growing Small Farms Organic Certification Recordkeeping, NC Cooperative Extension

Click here for downloadable NCCE Livestock Records

Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC – Recordkeeping Forms

Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources – ATTRA

This resource list contains sources of business planning templates and further resources for agricultural enterprises. These resources include Internet and print resources as well as training courses and workshops.

A general discussion and several ideas can be found in the ATTRA newsletter issue focused on recordkeeping:

Click here for downloadable ATTRA Documentation Forms