Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

Pennsylvania Certified Organic offers your organization several options to add value to your advertising and outreach efforts through a comprehensive partnership package program. This offer consolidates our advertising options, annual events, and sponsorship opportunities into a single package, thereby increasing your organization’s capacity to reach out to our audience while streamlining your advertising needs.

This annual opportunity yields exposure to your organization throughout the rest of the year in PCO publications, emails, farmer event advertisements, event posters, FarmFest outreach, and more. Your partnership with PCO provides advertising/outreach/and press opportunities to our membership and beyond, including non-certified members and organic enthusiasts across the mid Atlantic.

Partnership Options:

PCO offers three annual partnership options that include a variety of collaborative outreach, education, advertising, and marketing opportunities for your organization, ranging in scale and price from a Comprehensive Package valued at $7,500 and offered at $6,400 to a Mid-tier Package valued at $4,000 and offered at $3,600 and finally a Basic Package valued at $2,800 and offered at $2,500.

Partnership Options

The partnership packages are comprised of 6 partnership opportunities, from a FarmFest Sun Sponsorship to an annual calendar advertising opportunity. The descriptions of each of the opportunities with the benefits, price, and marketing timelines are as follows:


Additional advertising and recognition is provided for partners throughout the year as follows:

●      Field Day/Farm Event Brochures (reaches 1,000+ farmers via print publication and web publication) with prominent partner listing

●      Prominent listing on PCO home page with link to company website

●      PCO social media platforms (Periodic Facebook and Twitter posts related to your business)

PCO is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate in a more formalized manner with like-minded organizations.  We are willing to work with such organizations on a mutually beneficial split between payment and in kind trade for sponsoring speakers at our events (FarmFest, Annual Meeting, and Farm Field Days).  We would also like to explore new mutually beneficial options for outreach and member development.

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