Hemp and Related Products

Hemp and Related Products

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was reclassified as an agricultural commodity instead of a controlled substance. The 2018 Farm Bill further allowed for industrial hemp production in all 50 states for any use, including flower production and cannabidiol (CBD) or other cannabinoid extraction. Many farmers are interested in hemp production.

Are you interested in growing interested in growing and certifying your industrial hemp crop & hemp products as certified organic?  PCO is here to help! With over 20 years of organic crop & certification experience, along with certifying organic hemp since 2016, PCO is here to help guide you and answer your questions. 

As a cover crop, hemp enhances soil health by shading out weeds and adding diversity to crop rotations, improving soil health. Hemp is also versatile in the market, with thousands of uses for its seed, oil, fiber, and cannabinoids. Many producers and processors have chosen to add value to their hemp products by certifying them as organic.

PCO welcomes the opportunity to work with producers and processors of hemp and hemp derivatives such as hemp seed oil, CBD, and fiber. If you are interested in receiving some initial information, please complete this form and we’ll send you a packet specific to your operation. Our team of experienced staff will work with you to answer your organic certification and hemp related questions!

For guidance related to growing and processing hemp, download our guidance document here

For information on the 2018 Farm Bill allowing hemp to be grown as an agricultural commodity & the 2019 USDA Interim Final Hemp Regulations, please visit these resources: