Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents

Thank you for your interest in Pennsylvania Certified Organic! We look forward to working with you.

You can download any and all of the Guidance Document forms below. These forms are not required for certification, rather they will help provide additional information in the areas for which you may be interested in becoming certified organic. The forms you are required to complete are found here on the Self-Serve Form Station page.


Guidance Documents – General

  • Access to Pasture (PDF)
  • Agreement To Use A Synthetic In A Facility (PDF / DOC)
  • Cleaner-Sanitizer Guidance (PDF / DOC)
  • Compost Manure-Tea Guidance (PDF)
  • Cost Share Guidance (PDF / DOC)
  • Crops Inspection Checklist (DOCX)
  • Fees for Certification Services (PDF / DOC)
  • GMO Guidance (PDF)
  • Guidance for the Use of Livestock Medical Treatments (PDF)
  • Guidance on Boiler Chemicals (PDF / DOC)
  • Guidance on Dairy Medical Treatment (PDF)
  • Natural Gas Exploration Guidance (PDF / DOCX)
  • NOP Regulations (PDF / DOCX)
  • Off Farm Boarding Guidance (PDF)
  • Off-Farm Livestock Boarding (PDF / DOC)
  • Organic Bramble Production Guidance (PDF)
  • Organic Seed Guidance (PDF / DOC)
  • Pasture Management Resources (PDF / DOC)
  • Pasture Rule Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  • PCO Guidance on Poultry Living Conditions (PDF / DOC)
  • Plastic Recycling Guidance (PDF / DOC)
  • Poultry Management – Split Operation (PDF / DOC)
  • Summary of NOP (PDF / DOC)
  • USDA Guide for Organic Certification (PDF)
  • USDA Guide for Organic Crop Producers (PDF)
  • USDA Guide for Organic Livestock Producers (PDF)
  • USDA Guide for Organic Processors (PDF)
  • USDA Vitamins and Minerals Q & A (PDF)


Guidance Documents: Group Operations

If you cannot download these documents, they are also available by request from PCO by calling (814) 422-0251 or emailing us at