What’s The First Step?

What’s The First Step?

1) The first step to becoming certified organic is to begin the application process. In order to do that, you’ll need to order an application!

You can order an Application Pack by completing the online form here. We will have the PDF form available soon that you can download, complete and mail back to us.

Application forms can be sent to you electronically or by postal mail. The electronic forms can be filled out on the computer and emailed right back. Be sure to check the box on the order form to receive electronic forms.

2) Once you’ve filled out all of the necessary paperwork thoroughly and completely, and returned it to PCO (with your basic fee!), a Certification Specialist will do an initial review of your application. Your Specialist may contact you during the review to ask questions and gather more information. Once the review is complete, you’ll be assigned an Inspector and receive an Initial Review Report in the mail.

3) The Inspector will contact you directly to schedule the inspection at a time that works best for you both. Afterwards, the Inspector will send PCO an Inspection Report.

4) The Inspection Report will be reviewed by your Certification Specialist, who will then send you the resulting Certification Report. This report may or may not have conditions to which you will need to respond.

5) Once your responses have been approved, you’ll receive your Organic Certificate!


Feel free to contact PCO if you need further information or assistance. We look forward to working with you to achieve organic certification!


If you are not yet ready to apply for certification, you can request more information on the National Organic Program and PCO’s Certification Program or become a member and receive PCO materials and regular updates on organic issues.