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PCO certifies over 500 farms and processors across nine states. To refine the list, follow the tips below. When you find the farm or processor you are looking for, click that row and the location will be displayed on the map. You can then click the “Directions” link to get specific driving directions from your current location.

  • The map automatically locates your current location and begins its search there. To modify the search, you can mark the checkbox for the type of product (e.g. Crops, Livestock, etc) and/or an address into the respective fields
  • To search by Category, click the checkbox beside the respective category. We recommend only selecting one Category at a time. If you select more than one Category at a time, the search will function in “AND” mode meaning the farm would need to have meet both criteria.
  • You can search by any part of an address such as street, city, state and/or zip. Enter your criteria in the Address field
  • To narrow the results geographically, from the field “Select a distance” to decrease the radius

* Map updated: September 18, 2014 *

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