Committees & Chairs

Committees & Chairs

Certification Committee aids the PCO certification staff by reviewing applications with which the staff has a conflict of interest. The certification committee makes a recommendation to the PCO certification director on these matters and does not make certification decisions.

Chair: Charlie White

Committee Members:

Dee Bagshaw

Mary Barbercheck

Kelle Kersten

Christy Mullen

Nancy Ostiguy

Ed Rajotte

Ken Rice

Elsa Sanchez

Meagan Schipanski

John Tooker

Christopher Warren-Smith


Education and Outreach Committee sponsors and supports educational activities for growers, producers and consumers that promote learning, understanding and awareness of organic agriculture. The committee also works with the PCO staff to develop and implement educational programs, develop marketing materials, and coordinate events.

Chair: Carolyne Meehan

Committee Members:

Mary Barbercheck

Debra Brubaker

Gwendolyn Crews

Debra Deis

Tianna DuPont

Julie Hurst

David Lembeck

Melanie Wertz


The Finance Committee’s primary responsibility is to identify and investigate sources of funds, recommend a dues schedule to the advisory board, assist in preparing an annual budget, and oversee insurance and tax matters. The Finance Committee is an advisory division of the PCO board. The committee supports the Budget Team in the development of an annual budget, reviews quarterly financial reports and makes comments and recommendations on the fiscal health of PCO.

Chair: Tony Marzolino

Committee Members:

Ed Barben

Phil Coles

Joe Fedeli

Bryan Luce

Tom Murphy

Chris Pierce

Mike Rosenberry


TheĀ Standards Committee works with PCO staff to develop recommendations for new and revised standards policies to be used by PCO to implement the National Organic Program regulations. The Standards Committee also develops recommendations for standards to be used by PCO for new verification programs that are not under the scope of the National Organic Program.

Chair: Andrew Batdorf

Committee Members:

Al Johnson

Andrew Kline

Bob Eberly

Bob Keller

Bob Vernon

Chris Pierce

Christy Mullen

David Eyster

Elsa Sanchez

Eric Burkhart

James Miller

Joel Steigman

John Baker

Meghan Klotzbach

Mel Gehman

Nancy Ostiguy

Staci Loop

Susan Beal

Tim Joseph




If you are interested in participating in any of these committees please contact PCO at 814-422-0251 or